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The Urge to Purge


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The Urge to Purge


The Urge to Purge, For Your Better Life



In the book Enjoy The Hell Out Of Your Life I talk about having a variety of ways to purge. That means when you have tension or a lot going on inside, you can release or purge tension, anxiety, and worry.

Utilizing activities that help you to unburden and become more present is a very useful practice and this is what I am referring to as purging.

Purging is necessary when you find that you are in purge-atory. That is you are not experiencing Heaven and you may not be experiencing Hell either. You may be in that in between place I call purge-atory. This is where you are best served by doing purging activities and releases.


  • These activities and releases range;

    • from taking a walk to climbing a mountain,

    • from taking a bath to swimming a mile,

    • from meditating to going to India,

    • from taking a dance class to dancing in the moonlight,

    • from writing in a journal to writing a novel…or two.

    • from making good food to making love,

    • and any other way that helps you to unburden.


Listen to inspiring CD’s to help you purge click here.


The things that bring you calm, help you to center and lead you to peace are as unique as your personality. What worked for you yesterday may not be useful today.

One way to purge may not be enough. Stringing a couple together may help you get back to center quicker. Creative experimenting is encouraged to find what works for you today. Having some old reliable ways to get back to center that always work is strongly encouraged too.

I am guessing that you are like me and that you have some ways that work yet you do not get around to doing them very often. When you do you probably think this is so good for me why have I not done this in a while? Make a list of what are some of these things that you feel you would benefit from doing more often.


  • Here is a short list of ideas. The first few are a couple of my activities that I sometimes forget to do.

    • Dancing

    • Playing team sports

    • Cooking

    • Hiking

    • Meeting a friend

    • Having a good conversation

    • Skiing

    • Gardening


One high on the list for me is physical movement. Some quick things I do to release tension and worry are dancing, running, and taking a walk. This get the juices flowing quick and then I add other ways to purge to keep it flowing.

Pay attention to your Urge to Purge to improve your attitude and to manifest a brighter future. When things are OK but are lacking passion it is also a great time to purge

Remember; Purge everyday keeps tension away.
What are you doing to purge today?

Lighter and brighter.



A Good Resource on Creating More Joy


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