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Health Benefits of Great Attitudes


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Health Benefits of Great Attitudes

Health Benefits of Great Attitudes



I have pulled together information from studies on positive attitude and the effect of positive outlook on health. The overwhelming evidence points to positive attitude playing a major role in improving immune system activity and helping people to avoid or overcome illness. Let us take a tour around some of the research. Let us look at the Mayo Clinic first.

In the Mayo clinic studies optimists lived significantly longer than pessimists. Happy people with good attitudes also had lower blood pressure, better health habits and feistier immune systems than pessimists did.

Between 1962-1965, 839 Mayo Clinic patients completed the same questionnaire and 124 were classified as optimists, 197 as pessimists with 518 falling in between. Thirty years later, A Healthy Websiteananalysis of data that  was available on 723 of these patients  showed that the optimists had a  significantly better survival rate  than anticipated and lived twenty percent longer than pessimists.

When I give talks on having a positive  attitude for your better life I encourage people to give up whining and complaining. The opposite of whining and complaining is accepting things the way they are. The less you whine and complain the better your overall health. The conclusion is that negative thoughts can literally make you sick.

People who are constantly negative are more prone to sickness. According to a study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, "Negative brain activity is linked with a weakened immune system."

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Study after study illustrates that positive attitude and positive emotion have a predictable, profound, and enhancing effect on health and well-being.

Here is a short list of some of the positive health benefits of people with a positive attitude:

* Fewer problems with work or daily activities because of physical or emotional health

* Less pain and fewer limitations because of pain

* A more peaceful and calmer environment

* More energy

* Better social connections

* Increased immune system activity

My suggestions to immediately improve your attitude are:

* Reflect on something or someone you love. For example, when I think of my nieces and nephews it always puts me in a good mood.

* Do something fun that brings laughter and joy in your life. For example, playing a musical instrument, dancing, or playing with your pet (or dancing with your pet).

* Bring awareness to negative thoughts, let them go and replace them with thoughts of gratitude instead.

Have a positive attitude, let your light shine, and share your gifts. Until we talk again make all your days great.



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