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Brain Research For Powerful Manifesting Part 1


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Brain Research For Powerful Manifesting Part 1


Brain Research For Powerful Manifesting

Part 1 of 2



Your Brain holds the mystery of accessing the conscious and the non-conscious mind. Science understands more today about the brain and the relationship between the conscious and the non-conscious, yet the more that scientists figure out the more we recognize that we don’t know. It is as puzzling as ever. It seems like our consciousness is a tiny tail that tries to wag a very big dog.

Appreciation as Value

There are millions of bits of information being channeled through all your senses to your brain. Your consciousness can only deal with about 15 bits or less of information in a second. There is an automatic funnel that goes from millions of bits of information to about 15 bits. This funneling process in not conscious.

What happens in our immediate world and much of what is registered by our senses and sent to the brain never make it to consciousness. The non-conscious mind filters out about 99.9% of incoming data. We only see and experience the edges of things and our mind fills in the rest.

Look for

  • The good in everything

  • What is working

  • What you like

  • What you are grateful for

  • The People You Love

  • Opportunities to Share Happiness


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Your brain works with the images you feed it. So feed it well.

For example you decide to give your child a cat. All of the sudden you see cats and pets stores every where. Were they there before? Yes, they were there yet you were not noticing them.

Appreciation as Value

Because of your decision to give a cat to your child you activate your reticular activating system to be on the look out for anything cat related. This ties in to visualization.

Visualizing what you want to do before you do it cues your brain to produce the desired result. Your brain finds good results for you just like it finds the cat. Visualization is used to enhance any performance and is widely used in sports.

So visualize what you want to do and even see your self doing it and doing it well. more active your brain is the more what you desire will naturally come to you.



A Good Resource on Creating More Joy


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