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Appreciation Adds Value Part 2


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Appreciation Adds Value Part 2


Appreciation adds Value

Part 2 of 2



This is how appreciation works. When you appreciate something you are, by a classic definition, adding value to it. Its value is increased by your appreciation. This is a good habit to engage in for your better life.

  • Here are a few definitions of appreciation.

    • An expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude

    • Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.

    • Appreciation of an asset is an increase in its value and price, especially over time.

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    As you appreciate the important people and all the amazing capabilities, privileges and things that you have, you are literally adding value to them.


    CD Set You Would Appreciate


    If you speak to someone about things that you deeply appreciate they will get the value you are adding. With some practice you can turn bad attitudes into good attitudes and good ones into great ones. You can turn a mediocre life into a better life and a better life into a great one.

    Appreciation as Value

    A good exercise is to keep a gratitude journal and write in it every night before you go to sleep. This way the last thing you are thinking about before sleep is what you appreciate and are grateful for.

    This simple practice will help you to see how many amazing things you have in your life and how blessed you are. I recommend that you try this for a couple of months. It trains your mind to focus on the good things in your life.

    Reality is changeable to how we see it. When you appreciate the people that you are around you will find that valuable people surround you. The more you appreciate what you have in your life the more you find that amazing things and circumstances show up. You increase your magnetism.


    Great Book to Help You Appreciate


    Appreciation as Value

    Think of all the important people in your life and what you appreciate and admire about them. Make a point of telling them and notice how as their value goes up in your eyes that your value goes up in theirs. This can improve you life and increase your overall joy.

    In every situation you are in you can choose to appreciate and add value or depreciate and take away value. The more you focus on appreciating, the more value you add and the more fanastic life becomes.

    I appreciate you reading this.



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