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Health Benefits of Great Attitudes

Health Benefits of Great Attitudes



I have pulled together information from studies on positive attitude and the effect of positive outlook on health. The overwhelming evidence points to positive attitude playing a major role in improving immune system activity and helping people to avoid or overcome illness. Let us take a tour around some of the research. Let us look at the Mayo Clinic first.

In the Mayo clinic studies optimists lived significantly longer than pessimists. Happy people with good attitudes also had lower blood pressure, better health habits and feistier immune systems than pessimists did.

Between 1962-1965, 839 Mayo Clinic patients completed the same questionnaire and 124 were classified as optimists, 197 as pessimists with 518 falling in between. Thirty years later, A Healthy Websiteananalysis of data that  was available on 723 of these patients  showed that the optimists had a  significantly better survival rate  than anticipated and lived twenty percent longer than pessimists.

When I give talks on having a positive  attitude for your better life I encourage people to give up whining and complaining. The opposite of whining and complaining is accepting things the way they are. The less you whine and complain the better your overall health. The conclusion is that negative thoughts can literally make you sick.

People who are constantly negative are more prone to sickness. According to a study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, "Negative brain activity is linked with a weakened immune system."

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Study after study illustrates that positive attitude and positive emotion have a predictable, profound, and enhancing effect on health and well-being.

Here is a short list of some of the positive health benefits of people with a positive attitude:

* Fewer problems with work or daily activities because of physical or emotional health

* Less pain and fewer limitations because of pain

* A more peaceful and calmer environment

* More energy

* Better social connections

* Increased immune system activity

My suggestions to immediately improve your attitude are:

* Reflect on something or someone you love. For example, when I think of my nieces and nephews it always puts me in a good mood.

* Do something fun that brings laughter and joy in your life. For example, playing a musical instrument, dancing, or playing with your pet (or dancing with your pet).

* Bring awareness to negative thoughts, let them go and replace them with thoughts of gratitude instead.

Have a positive attitude, let your light shine, and share your gifts. Until we talk again make all your days great.



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The Urge to Purge


The Urge to Purge, For Your Better Life



In the book Enjoy The Hell Out Of Your Life I talk about having a variety of ways to purge. That means when you have tension or a lot going on inside, you can release or purge tension, anxiety, and worry.

Utilizing activities that help you to unburden and become more present is a very useful practice and this is what I am referring to as purging.

Purging is necessary when you find that you are in purge-atory. That is you are not experiencing Heaven and you may not be experiencing Hell either. You may be in that in between place I call purge-atory. This is where you are best served by doing purging activities and releases.


  • These activities and releases range;

    • from taking a walk to climbing a mountain,

    • from taking a bath to swimming a mile,

    • from meditating to going to India,

    • from taking a dance class to dancing in the moonlight,

    • from writing in a journal to writing a novel…or two.

    • from making good food to making love,

    • and any other way that helps you to unburden.


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The things that bring you calm, help you to center and lead you to peace are as unique as your personality. What worked for you yesterday may not be useful today.

One way to purge may not be enough. Stringing a couple together may help you get back to center quicker. Creative experimenting is encouraged to find what works for you today. Having some old reliable ways to get back to center that always work is strongly encouraged too.

I am guessing that you are like me and that you have some ways that work yet you do not get around to doing them very often. When you do you probably think this is so good for me why have I not done this in a while? Make a list of what are some of these things that you feel you would benefit from doing more often.


  • Here is a short list of ideas. The first few are a couple of my activities that I sometimes forget to do.

    • Dancing

    • Playing team sports

    • Cooking

    • Hiking

    • Meeting a friend

    • Having a good conversation

    • Skiing

    • Gardening


One high on the list for me is physical movement. Some quick things I do to release tension and worry are dancing, running, and taking a walk. This get the juices flowing quick and then I add other ways to purge to keep it flowing.

Pay attention to your Urge to Purge to improve your attitude and to manifest a brighter future. When things are OK but are lacking passion it is also a great time to purge

Remember; Purge everyday keeps tension away.
What are you doing to purge today?

Lighter and brighter.



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Brain Research for Powerful Manifesting Part 2


Brain Research For Powerful Manifesting

Part 2 of 2



The non-conscious part of your brain follows directions well. A couple of ways it receives directions is through visualization and ritual.

Imagine that you want to improve your relationship with someone. It could be at work, a friendship, an intimate relationship or anything in between.

Make a list of several things you appreciate about the person.Visualize them interacting with you in a positive way that you appreciate. You may start to notice all the things they do right and all the wonderful things about them.

Those traits were there before yet they become more apparent when your intention triggers your conscious awareness. This activates the filter in your Reticular Activating System (part of your brain) that will support your mind in finding what you ask it to. Next time you see the person you will feel more positive toward them.


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If you think about them after visualizing you also will feel more positive. This is harnessing the power of your mind. When you are thinking about the things you like about them and the way you like to be treated you are calling to mind positive images. This is a form of visualizing.

Visualization is a powerful tool that is used by many athletes, musicians and even job applicants.

Research has shown that people who visualize shooting foul shots in basketball improve their foul shot ability as much as other people who take the same time and actually practice shooting foul shots. There was a third group in these studies who did not visualize or practice and they had no improvement in foul shooting ability.

In the Olympics that were held in Vancouver in 2010 there were several times that we saw athletes rehearsing and even going through some motions before an event. The athletes are taught to see their performance from start to finish going perfectly.

The figure skaters were sometimes seen off ice getting ready and actually moving and gesturing before they got onto the ice. They were rehearsing and picturing what they were about to do.

Here is a way to link together the use of Ritual with Visualization. As you visualize what you like about the person you are thinking about and you see them treating you and you treating them in a way that you like and want to encourage. Select a strong image that you can easily recall at a later time.

Now every time before you go to bed spend two minutes recalling the positive picture and while you are picturing it bring up as much positive feeling as you can to support it going deeper into your experience.

You can also meditate and right after meditating while you are in a very relaxed and suggestible space bring up the positive images and bring up positive emotions toward the person.

Rituals help when dealing with the non-conscious. They help you to reprogram the non-conscious part of your mind.

Repeated rituals work very well. Here is a suggestion. Every time you park you car call up the positive image yo selected before and focus on it for thirty seconds. You can couple this to any thing you do on a regular basis to help you to install the new image in the non-conscious.


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Become a more powerful manifestor and create a better life by recalling positive images in ritualized ways and at ritualized times.

When you create rituals to harness and enhance your undivided 15 bits a second of attention you will greatly enhance your connections with others and have a brighter future.

Happy Manifesting, talk to you again soon.



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Brain Research For Powerful Manifesting Part 1


Brain Research For Powerful Manifesting

Part 1 of 2



Your Brain holds the mystery of accessing the conscious and the non-conscious mind. Science understands more today about the brain and the relationship between the conscious and the non-conscious, yet the more that scientists figure out the more we recognize that we don’t know. It is as puzzling as ever. It seems like our consciousness is a tiny tail that tries to wag a very big dog.

Appreciation as Value

There are millions of bits of information being channeled through all your senses to your brain. Your consciousness can only deal with about 15 bits or less of information in a second. There is an automatic funnel that goes from millions of bits of information to about 15 bits. This funneling process in not conscious.

What happens in our immediate world and much of what is registered by our senses and sent to the brain never make it to consciousness. The non-conscious mind filters out about 99.9% of incoming data. We only see and experience the edges of things and our mind fills in the rest.

Look for

  • The good in everything

  • What is working

  • What you like

  • What you are grateful for

  • The People You Love

  • Opportunities to Share Happiness


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Your brain works with the images you feed it. So feed it well.

For example you decide to give your child a cat. All of the sudden you see cats and pets stores every where. Were they there before? Yes, they were there yet you were not noticing them.

Appreciation as Value

Because of your decision to give a cat to your child you activate your reticular activating system to be on the look out for anything cat related. This ties in to visualization.

Visualizing what you want to do before you do it cues your brain to produce the desired result. Your brain finds good results for you just like it finds the cat. Visualization is used to enhance any performance and is widely used in sports.

So visualize what you want to do and even see your self doing it and doing it well. more active your brain is the more what you desire will naturally come to you.



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Appreciation Adds Value Part 2


Appreciation adds Value

Part 2 of 2



This is how appreciation works. When you appreciate something you are, by a classic definition, adding value to it. Its value is increased by your appreciation. This is a good habit to engage in for your better life.

  • Here are a few definitions of appreciation.

    • An expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude

    • Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.

    • Appreciation of an asset is an increase in its value and price, especially over time.

  • />

    As you appreciate the important people and all the amazing capabilities, privileges and things that you have, you are literally adding value to them.


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    If you speak to someone about things that you deeply appreciate they will get the value you are adding. With some practice you can turn bad attitudes into good attitudes and good ones into great ones. You can turn a mediocre life into a better life and a better life into a great one.

    Appreciation as Value

    A good exercise is to keep a gratitude journal and write in it every night before you go to sleep. This way the last thing you are thinking about before sleep is what you appreciate and are grateful for.

    This simple practice will help you to see how many amazing things you have in your life and how blessed you are. I recommend that you try this for a couple of months. It trains your mind to focus on the good things in your life.

    Reality is changeable to how we see it. When you appreciate the people that you are around you will find that valuable people surround you. The more you appreciate what you have in your life the more you find that amazing things and circumstances show up. You increase your magnetism.


    Great Book to Help You Appreciate


    Appreciation as Value

    Think of all the important people in your life and what you appreciate and admire about them. Make a point of telling them and notice how as their value goes up in your eyes that your value goes up in theirs. This can improve you life and increase your overall joy.

    In every situation you are in you can choose to appreciate and add value or depreciate and take away value. The more you focus on appreciating, the more value you add and the more fanastic life becomes.

    I appreciate you reading this.



A Good Resource on Creating More Joy


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